WFPK Live Lunch Recap


Hey everyone!

So this post is a tad bit late. But that doesn’t matter. The excitement in me is still so fresh. 2016 was full of amazing things. One of which, a dream of mine, was to play WFPK’s Live Lunch!


I was extremely nervous, but I had my best friend and fiance, Colin LaMure, with me. He played acoustic bass with me, despite the fact that that day and a few days prior, he was suffering a severe allergic reaction from work that made his face swell up HUGE. See in the picture, he was hiding behind me the whole time. He’s a trooper, dude. So even then, I was still nervous and all, and I had a normal face, haha. He of course told me I was being stupid and over-thinking everything, as I always do, and told me to pull it together. So I did. Eventually. 🙂


We played 3 songs, acoustic and bass, in the first half of the feature which promoted the Ladies Sing the Blues show. The other artist performing was the brilliant Marjorie Marshall of the Louisville Blues Society! She was AMAZING. I couldn’t stop dancing. I made Colin dance with me, too. He was not mad. Hehehe.

The songs we played were:

1 – I feel the same – Bonnie Raitt (Chris Smither)

2 – Give Me An Out – Kendra Villiger

3 – Come & Go Blues – Allman Bros (Greg Allman Acoustic Version)


Here is the link to the soundcloud recording! Have fun listening! Stay cool and gold!