WDRB Story – Local Musician You Should Know


LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) –Her sound is a blend of genres you don’t often hear mixed together– funk, blues, country and classic rock.
Her voice and stereotype defying skills on the electric guitar have made Kendra Villiger a name to know. Not only at open mic nights in and around Louisville, but across the region.

When she’s not in this “Ville,” she’s rocking Nashville.
When she’s not in E-Town, she’s got a gig in West Virginia.

“Really just traveling and playing is my biggest dream,” Villiger said.

She’s living that dream. Her home is on the stage and in the studio.
The 23-year-old is now working on and recording her first album.

“It’s 11 songs so far. I thought I’d never write a song. I was afraid of it I guess,” explained Villiger

Kendra got started in southern Indiana. She took music lessons from a local teacher.

“He was like ‘do you want to be a rock star?’ And, I was like yeah! I literally went home every day and practiced AC/DC,” she said.

It paid off. People love Villiger’s music. One song is already taking over the airwaves.

“It’s my first track that I’ve finished, and they’re playing it on WFPK. I’m just completely astonished,” she said.

It never hurts for people to like your product, but Kendra says that’s not why she performs.

“I’m more focused on trying to write songs, and just say what I want to say. If people happen to like it, then that’s great,” Villiger told WDRB.

A true artist with intuition, and talent. She’s already making a big name for herself in a business where that doesn’t come easy.

You can catch Villiger performing on September 3rd at Wick’s in New Albany.

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