My GO FUND ME Page is UP!


Hello friends and family. This is Kendra Villiger. I am raising money for the mixing/mastering and printing of my first original, full-length album.

First and foremost, I am thankful for all of the support and hard work that has been put in thus far on the work of my album by the absolutely amazing people and musicians of Earthtone Analog Recording Co., where I’ve been tracking my songs. I know all of you may have heard me talking about recording an album and may have seen photos posted or clips of progress on social media. We are right near completion of tracking and almost ready for mixing/mastering!

This project is extremely personal and very dear to me. I began writing these songs about 2 or so years ago. It all began with just jamming in the studio with the idea of recording a 3-song EP. As we jammed out some ideas and songs I had, it just all exploded. There were just too many songs and ideas I wanted to get out. I couldn’t just pick a few. The beginning of the process was honestly terrifying to me. The idea of deciding what I would call ME and MY music, and what sound I was, and how to portray what I wanted to portray. I had only ever played in cover bands before this! Once things got going, I really learned that I just have to be as I am RIGHT now. These songs represent a time in my life. They are decorated feelings and moments at one time.

Now to talk about the album itself! I am very excited to share these songs with everyone. The album is definitely rooted in classic rock, though it is fairly genre crossing, moving between upbeat rock n roll vibes, to blues rock riffs, to more americana/folksy feels, to in-your-face garage rock n roll, to eerie, hauntingish tunes, a piano ballad, and even some funky soul feels! It definitely moves. And I can’t wait to share.

It has taken me quite some time on this because of the nature of writing as a solo artist, writing most all of the instruments in each song. There will be 10 original songs on the album, including a song co-written by Bryce Gill from the Louisville Accord Project (and there may or may not be a secret 11th song… but its a secret, so I can’t tell you for sure!).

I’m BEYOND excited to share the musicians on the album as well. It feature musicians/artists from the Earthtone Analog family such as Chet Surgener, Joe Easly, Owen Reynolds, Steve Sturgill, Tim Ragan, Desiree Thayer, Jason Logsdon, Josh Druin, and more! I know I’ve forgotten someone!

I’ve learned so much recording my first album, dudes. I learned how to play the talk box. I did my own talk box tracks, I learned to play funky clav, I even played a harmonium (or pump organ) with the bellows that you pump with your feet! We’ve done some cool backwards effects and some neat percussion stuff, soon to include a frog guiro and all.

In all honesty, I am not someone to ask for help. But this means the world to me. I would be infinitely grateful to you all. Thank you for stopping by my page and giving it a thought. Music will be in my life forever, regardless of how. Thank you for helping me at the very start of my creative exploration.

Kendra Villiger